CASA Policy Priorities

CASA Policy Priorities

From July 24-27 2017, UPEISU President Hammad Ahmed and Vice President Academic and External Taya Nabuurs attended the CASA Policy and Strategy conference in Kanananaskis, Alberta. The goal of this conference is to allow CASA’s membership the ability to set the direction and focus of the organization for the upcoming year.

At Policy and Strategy, the membership approved five priority theme areas which will become CASA’s priorities for the upcoming year when advocating for students to the federal government.

  1. Health and Wellness
  2. Indigenous Students
  3. Educational Materials
  4. International Students
  5. Financial Barriers to postsecondary education (PSE)

These theme areas will become CASA’s main focus in the year to come, with members researching and advocating on each of these priorities. (*Note: this does not mean that these will be the only things that CASA will advocate on this year. These are simply the main focus areas.)

Given that UPEISU Council approved mental health supports, indigenous students and equity-seeking groups, financial aid, and experiential learning as external policy priorities for the UPEISU when advocating to the provincial government in the upcoming school year, the UPEISU was excited to vote for the implementation of these federal priorities, as they align very well with the priorities identified earlier in the year as important to our student body. This will allow the UPEISU the ability to advocate more effectively on the priorities of its students to all levels of government.

If you have any questions about CASA or the advocacy work that the UPEI Student Union does, please contact Taya Nabuurs (VP Academic & External) at or 902-566-0648.