The Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, or CASA, advocates for post-secondary education students across Canada through policy development and research, awareness campaigns, government relations, and partnerships with other stakeholders.


All members of the Student Union are also members of CASA, and the UPEISU is an active member of the organization. With representation on several committees, an active presence at conferences and general meetings, and access to staff with expertise in policy development, research, and lobbying, the UPEISU is confident that CASA is working hard for issues our students care about.


Contact: VP Academic & External, or (902) 566-0648


The Canadian Organization of Campus Activities (COCA) is the driving force behind improving student life on campuses! At COCA, members connect with industry experts and stakeholders passionate about campus events, marketing, clubs, and professional development.

The VP of Student Life, the Clubs and Events Coordinator, and the Marketing and Communications Manager are the primary members of COCA.


Contact: VP Student Life,


The Campus Trust is the organization that administers our Health & Dental and International student insurance plans. The UPEISU is a participating organization. The Trust, through the Board of Trustees, creates an excellent and active peer network for a participating student association. The Board consists of elected student leaders and program administrators from different universities.

The VP of Finance and Administration, the Administrative Manager, and the General Manager are the primary members of the Campus Trust.


Contact: VP Finance and Administration,