Panther Patrol

Are you looking to get home from one of our wet & dry events? Are you trying to do groceries but don’t own a car? Feeling a bit under the weather and need a ride to the clinic? Look no further! The Panther Patrol is here to help you out!

What is the Panther Patrol?

The Panther Patrol is a Safe Ride Program offered by the UPEISU. You can use the Panther Patrol for nearly anything, from a drive to and from the grocery store to the clinic when you are sick, a ride to the airport, or any other location you may need a drive to. The only requirement is to request a ride that fits the schedule below.


Who can access the service?

This service is available to all UPEI students.


How much does it cost?

The service is free!


What do you need for the ride?

You only need your Student ID to present to the Panther Patrol driver!


How can I access the Service?

Text our Panther Patrol Coordinator, Dawn at 902-940-7346 to book a ride!

The Panther Patrol does not operate during the summer semester. This service will resume in the fall!

Have a complaint? Email our Operations Manager at