Panther Patrol

Are you looking to get home from one of our wet & dry events? Are you trying to do groceries but don’t own a car? Feeling a bit under the weather and need a ride to the clinic? Look no further! The Panther Patrol is here to help you out!

Below, you will be able to check out our current schedule!

Need a ride? This could be anything from to the grocery store, to the airport, to school before classes, a ride home after, or anything in between. If you are a UPEI student in need of a drive for any service you can think of, the Panther Patrol is here for you.

Would you like a ride? Fill out this form or text/WhatsApp this number: (902) 940-7346 to book your ride!

Have a complaint? Fill out this form to let us know about it and we will get in touch with you ASAP.

Operational Plan

  • The UPEISU prioritizes the safety of all students and staff who use this service, so it is therefore highly recommended that students wear a mask have their masks on while when making use of using the Panther Patrol
  • The maximum number of passengers permitted in the vehicle is two, including the driver
  • Students from the same household are allowed to ride together