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What We Do

The University of Prince Edward island Student Union is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of students on campus and enriching the UPEI experience. We proudly provide several services throughout our campus that work towards this goal. From student and society funding to health insurance to our volunteer match-maker program, we’ve got you covered!


We acknowledge that the University of Prince Edward Island Student Union is located on unceded Mi’kmaq territory. Epekwitk is covered by the historic Treaties of Peace and Friendship. We pay our respects to the Indigenous Mi’kmaq People who have occupied this island for over 12,000 years; past, present, and future.










Health & Dental

Enjoy living a healthy student life with our Health and Dental plans.


Looking for a bite to eat? Maybe you want to check out one of the SU publications! Either way, we’ve got you covered!


We recognize that food security is very important for students to succeed academically, and so we have created our very own food bank!

Tool Co-op

Available to all UPEI students and aims to save students the cost of buying tools that they might only use once!


Our free Student Assistance Program that students can use to access a wide range of professional services anytime and anywhere.

Bike Co-op

This environmentally-friendly service gives students access to a bicycle & helmet, for free!

Panther Patrol

Check out our very own Safe Ride program, available to all UPEI students free of charge!

Video Game Co-op

Tired of studying? Take a break and rent one of our free video game consoles!


No car? No worries! We have partnered up with Trius Transit to provide all full-time students with annual transit passes.

Student Funding

We all face times of financial hardship. That’s why your SU has multiple funds that you can apply for to help out!

Student Centre

The W.A. Murphy Student Centre is UPEI’s student hub. Here you can find our offices, The Fox & Crow campus pub, and much more!

Student Handbook

Come up to our office and grab your FREE student handbook, which contains tons of helpful info as well as a planner!