Constitution, Bylaws, & Policy

The UPEISU Policies contain statements of the UPEISU and the policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and recommendations pertinent to the organization. It is designed with authority and completeness in mind to serve as a source of information and as a working guide. These written statements should increase understanding and help to ensure uniformity throughout the organization. It is the responsibility of every member of council and of every staff member of the UPEISU to administer these policies in a consistent and impartial manner.




Governance Policies

Finance Policies

Administration Policies

Human Resources Policies

Human Resources Policies

UPEISU Policy #6.01 UPEISU Campaigns (April, 2024)

UPEISU Policy #6.04 Panther Patrol (April, 2024)

UPEISU Policy #6.07 Bike Co-op (April, 2024)

UPEISU Policy #6.08 Tool Co-op (April, 2024)

We are in the process of reviewing and updating our policies. The policies listed below are dated, but they remain in effect.


UPEISU Policy #4: The Cadre (Dec 2020)
UPEISU Policy #6: Employee Training and Disciplinary (Feb 2020)
UPEISU Policy #7: Hiring Board Procedures (Dec 2020)
UPEISU Policy #11: Student Centre Rental (Dec 2020)
UPEISU Policy #12: Government Regulations (Jan 2019)

UPEISU Policy #14: The Fox & Crow (Feb 2020)
UPEISU Policy #15: Poster Policy (Jan 2019)
UPEISU Policy #16: Ticket Policy (Dec 2020)
UPEISU Policy #17: Council Procedures (Dec 2020)

UPEISU Policy #24: Inclusion Policy (Feb 2016)
UPEISU Policy #31: UPEISU Executive Non Partisanship (Jan 2019)
UPEISU Policy #32: Conflict of Interest (Feb 2019)
UPEISU Policy# 35: SUpplies Policy (Oct 2019)

UPEISU Policy #37: Clubs Campus Initiative (Oct 2019)