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Applied Human Sciences Society: Foods and Nutrition & Kinesiology

The Applied Human Sciences Society is a student-led Society that consists of Foods and Nutrition and Kinesiology students. The society works towards planning and hosting 4-5 activities over the duration of the year. The Society strives to listen and provide a voice for all Applied Human Sciences students by ensuring there is a representative from each year standing, for both disciplines (F-N, KINE). As an AHSS representative, students are the spokesperson in their classes to inform fellow classmates of events and/or activities being held. Representatives are present at all AHSS events and attend monthly AHSS meetings. At this time, the AHSS is opening nominations for the following positions for the 2022-2023 academic year.


Joanne Severe:

African Student Association

Our society seeks to bring together all people from African descent together to socialize and also to network with each other


Nagel Tenkorang:

Bahai Association

The UPEI Bahai Association aims at bringing students together from all backgrounds that want to work together to be involved in their personal and community transformation. It operates on the Bahai principle on the oneness of humanity “Ye are all the leaves of one tree and the drops of one ocean.”. It aims to create inclusive spaces for discussion and the arts to explore the potentialities of young people, our responsibilities towards the younger generation, how we can support one another, and how to build community and, ultimately, advance our global civilization. These are done through regular Youth Gathering for university students, volunteering at Junior Youth Camps, and other social activities.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA)

Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA)-UPEI Chapter aims to promote Bangladeshi culture and history at UPEI for both Bangladeshi and international students. We will work for promoting opportunities for Bangladeshi students to consolidate and build up their social and educational networks. Simultaneously, we will organize different programme to raise money for the marginalized and disaster affected people in Bangladesh.


*This club or society is not currently active.

B.Ed Society

The BEd Society represents and is comprised of UPEI’s Bachelor of Education students.  We are here to provide positivity, engagement, accountability, inclusion, and respect throughout the education program.


Keeghan White:

Best Buddies

Best Buddies Canada is a national charity that helps to foster friendships between people with intellectual disabilities and other students in elementary schools, high schools, and universities. It seeks to promote friendship and inclusion within the UPEI community and beyond. Student buddies are paired with a community member with an intellectual disability. Throughout the academic year they meet up on their own time, and attend group events with our chapter.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Biology Society

The Biology Society is open to all students at UPEI who are interested in the biological sciences as well as those studying the Biological Sciences. Students of any year are welcome to participate!


Hannah Deveaux:

Blood Donation Group

The UPEI Blood Donation Team is on campus to promote blood donation among students and to inform everyone of the importance blood, plasma, stem cell, and organ donation. We work closely with Canadian Blood Services to keep all of our pertinent information up to date and to provide students with all the resources they need to make their blood donation activities as comfortable as possible. We are on campus to recruit new student donors and volunteers for Canadian Blood Services. We will also host a handful of blood donation related competitions with many prizes to be won by members and students alike.


Mehrdad Behroozi:

Business Society

The UPEI Business Society is dedicated to the betterment of university life, enhancing the student experience in the UPEI Faculty of Business, and allowing students not enrolled in the Faculty of Business to gain business skills. Our purpose is to engage students in campus life and to encourage and facilitate active involvement in the Faculty of Business. We fulfill our purpose by creating opportunities to develop relationships with local business leaders, faculty members, and fellow peers through various events and initiatives throughout the academic year.


Corey Lund:

Canadian Catholic Students Association

This group represents all the Catholic and Chrisitian students that attend UPEI or any other university and college campuses across Canada. The purpose of this group is to unite Catholic young adults together through prayer, worship and bonding with people who share the same beliefs. Being active members within society and spreading the word of God to everyone we encounter. Some of the activities that we do as a group are praying the rosary, having praise and worship concerts, attending retreats and fundraising within the community.


Chloe MacAdam:

Chemistry Society

The Chemistry Society is open to all students at UPEI with a focus on providing a venue for educational and social growth to those pursuing a degree in chemistry. Students of any year are welcome and encouraged to attend!


Bashar Hakeem:

Circle K

With the motto of “Live to Serve, Love to Serve”, the CKI Club of UPEI helps to develop university students into a global, responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.


*This club or society is not currently active.

UPEI Climate Change and Adaptation Society

The goal of the UPEI Climate Change and Adaptation Society is to provide a safe space for likeminded students to talk about climate change. We will promote discussions on what we can do as individuals and a community to combat climate change. We will organize events and activities to further engage other students in an active dialogue on climate change. Participation in this society is not dependent on enrolment in the Applied Climate Change program, everyone is welcome.


*This club or society is not currently active.

UPEI Cheerleading Team

The UPEI Cheerleading Team aims to bring a fun and safe environment for all our athletes. While promoting cheerleading and supporting UPEI athletics.


Baily MacLeod:

Chinese Student and Scholar Association

Chinese Student and Scholar Association is the official organization for overseas Chinese students and scholars registered in most colleges, universities, and institutions outside of the People’s Republic of China. The associations in different institutions share a same name. The stated function of CSSAs is helping away-from-home Chinese in their life, study, work, and other issues, to bring Chinese students together on campus, serving as a bridge between the Chinese and other communities, and spreading Chinese culture.


Charlotte Xi Lu:

Deeper Life Campus Fellowship

It is an inter-denominational fellowship, embracing campus Christians who share the same doctrinal belief irrespective of their denominations and affiliations.

It aims to acquaint students, and staff with basic Bible principles of success, to help them make a habit of succeeding in their academic work, life career, and endeavors, and to lead Christian believers into deeper knowledge and Christian experiences with the Lord Jesus Christ. It further aims to acquaint students and staff with the gracious means of living holy, healthy, happy, balanced, and fruitful Christian lives in their environment.

Adedamola Adedeji:


Enactus (Entrepreneurial Action Us) is the largest global business network in the world with over 72,000 members from 1,730 universities in 36 countries. Enactus UPEI is one of 79 university teams across Canada that implements projects to improve the economic, social, and environmental health of the country.

Throughout the school year, Enactus UPEI implements entrepreneurial projects that all have the common goal of making the world a better place. The group develops projects to help people on our campus and in our community. Enactus is an incredible way to develop skills, meet new people, build your resume, and help out your community.

In the 2018-19 academic year Enactus UPEI developed a completely new project, Bury & Bloom. Bury & Bloom fosters sustainability by recycling unwanted paper waste to create plantable products. Our first line of plantable products includes greeting cards which contain seeds and are able to be planted. Our group also visited Prince Edward Island elementary schools to educate students about the environment. Enactus UPEI demonstrated that even a new project—on a small scale—can make a big difference.

At the end of each year, members travel to regional and national competitions to present what we have accomplished.


Camille Mady:

Engineering Society

The UPEI Engineering Society represents all students enrolled in the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering program, and aims to promote a sense of community and inclusivity between all engineering students, and improve student experience through social events and enriching educational opportunities.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit organization that works nationally and in Sub Saharan Africa by investing in forward thinking social entreprises. We bring people and ideas together to tackle the most crucial causes of poverty and inequality.


*This club or society is not currently active.

English Society

Hello! Welcome to the UPEI English Society. The English Society is dedicated to the study and appreciation of the English language. We aim to cultivate literary passion, ability, and originality and strive to create opportunities for students to socialize, learn, and connect with their colleagues and faculty who share their interest in the language.


Miranda Merritt:

UPEI Environmental Collective

The UPEI Environmental Collective includes people from different UPEI faculties and backgrounds, as well as non-students, with common interests in the well-being of the environment of planet earth and its inhabitants, including human and non-human entities, with a focus on justice and sustainability.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Equestrian Club

The UPEI Equestrian Club aims to bring together students from UPEI and/or the AVC who have a passion for horses. We participate in the Atlantic Intercollegiate Equestrian League in equitation based catch riding. This league provides riders with the opportunity to showcase their riding abilities across a variety of horses, as well as connect with other students who share the same interest.


Lia Doyle:

Film and Photography Society

The Film and Photography society seeks to connect and equip creatives in their fields of interest and also to help members build their portfolios. We also want to enhance knowledge of UPEI students with these interests as much as we can and create unforgettable experiences with one another and UPEI as a whole. Our society caters to not just videographers and photographers but all creatives in the visual creation industry.


Delphina Morgan:

FSDE Precious Plastic Club

The Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering Precious Plastic Club (or FSDE PPC for short) is a student-created club that was formed in the Fall semester of 2022. The club follows and uses ample online resources provided by the organization Precious Plastic. The goal of the FSDE PPC is to build a plastic shredder that can shred recycled plastic from the FSDE and the UPEI community. Also, the club is all about forming awareness within the school by implementing collection sites, events, and recycling: educating fellow classmates and faculty members about recycling while having a great time! In the future, the club wishes to build other machines like an extrusion machine that can form products or filaments for 3-D printing to integrate a sort of circular economy within the school. Of course, the club is also about having fun and being creative with creating these solutions for the betterment of the school, community, and planet!


Madelyn Case:

Gaming Club

The UPEI Gaming Club is a society that looks forward to bringing together the gamers of UPEI. Join the club if you are looking to participate in tournaments, find people to play with and discuss your passion for gaming.


Alexander Chang:

UPEI Global Brigades

The UPEI Global Brigades is a student-led, non-profit organization that will participate in annual Brigade(s). These brigades will take place in varying countries across the world. Each brigade has a different focus, granting students experience in areas applicable to their future career path. The three brigades taking place during the 2022-2023 school year are: Medical, Engineering and Business.


Reilly Sullivan:

History Society

The UPEI History Society is a group of students that are enthusiastic about anything and everything to do with history! The society is open to anyone wanting to join – you do not have to be a History major or minor.  Activities in the society include playing games and trivia as well as watching movies. We usually meet in the History Lounge (Main 405) and we also have a Moodle page where events are posted.  Follow us on Instagram at @upei_history_society!


Susanna Hamilton:

Indian Student's Society

The ISS UPEI is a student-governed organization holding the principles of cultural appreciation to be of utmost value and is dedicated to serving its members through effective representation of their culture. The sole purpose of UPEI ISS is to maintain India’s rich heritage while living overseas and promoting its culture and traditions.


Gaurav Chugh:

International Students Association - ISA

From day one, everyone enters the doors of University of Prince Edward Island and leave with friends, colleagues and shared memories. The International Student Association aim at uniting all international students and lowering the cultural and social barriers between each other, while networking and growing as individuals. We are one world and we want to unite students from all over the world, along with local students to form a community, of all languages, race, genders, sexualities, abilities and colours. Which will share the same emotions of laughter and happiness, creating memories for years to come.


This club or society is not currently active.

Island Experience Club

A group of like minded students and international students who are looking to make memorable experiences via events provided through both club and island alike.


Sam Ching: UPEI is group on campus working to end the stigma surrounding mental health. We plan events and initiatives to engage the campus community in conversations surrounding mental health in order to challenge negative perceptions and raise awareness.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Japanese Society

The purpose of this society is to enhance people’s understandings of Japanese culture. We set up opportunities for doing cross-cultural exchange through various kinds of activities.


Nandana Manoj:

UPEI Kerala Federation

The Federation aims to represent the interests of students enrolled in UPEI who are of Kerala origin, to initiate, organize, and coordinate- social, cultural, athletic, and recreational activities among the members and others who have an affinity for the Malayali cultural values. This is a platform for members to network and support each other in academic and personal pursuits and to actively participate in community service.


Nayana Sunila:

Magic Club

To play Magic The Gathering, build friendships, and bring like minded people together.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Mauritius Society

Our goal is to foster a sense of community and create a safe space for Mauritian students at UPEI, where students can get together to share their experiences and cultures, while contributing to their personal and academic growth through extracurricular activities.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Music Society

The UPEI Music Society is comprised of students completing their BMus, BMusEd, BA (Major in Music), and BA (Minor in Music). The society’s main goals are to promote an inclusive and engaging atmosphere within the UPEI Music Department, and also, to fundraise for student scholarships.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Muslim Student Association

On the campus of UPEI, we serve as the organization for Muslim students. We are happy to provide activities that unite students from all religions on campus in an effort to foster peace and acceptance, such as monthly gatherings and providing Iftar meals for Ramadan. We hope to meet you at one of our upcoming social gatherings.


Syed Haneef Abedi:

UPEI Nepalese Society

Nepal has always been a mystery to the west and fascinating to everyone. There is a lot of beauty in Nepal. With its rich ancient cultures and dramatic scenery, Nepal is a land of discovery and unique experiences. We have a very popular quote that It Says ‘If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.’ As immigrants, we came with rich cultures and histories and a brave attitude. It is now our responsibility to pass on this legacy to the new generations in Canada.

At UPEI, UPEI Nepalese Society will advocate:

  • To work as an umbrella organization for all Nepalese Students
  • To strive for the welfare of the community members in accordance with local and federal regulations


Yash Gupta:

Nursing Research Club

The UPEI Nursing Research Club is a undergraduate nursing research/journal club that promotes research and critical thinking in nursing practice, disseminates the latest nursing research, and generate in-depth discussions on healthcare with the purpose of linking research to clinical practice.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Nursing Society

The nursing society, which consists of undergraduate and accelerated nursing students, works behind the scenes to plan events, including the annual nursing Gala, addresses concerns raised by students, and advocates for ways to improve the challenging years of study in the nursing program. The society acts locally for UPEI nursing students and represents UPEI at a national level, including CNSA.


Jessica Watts:

Panther Pantry Student Food Collective

Help address food insecurity on campus.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Paramedicine Society

The UPEI Paramedicine Society aims to represent the interests of students enrolled in the BSc major in paramedicine stream, and those who have an interest in paramedicine. The purpose of this group will to be achieve the following goals:


To provide resources and academic advice to members of the BSc major in paramedicine program at UPEI. To provide on and off campus educational opportunities to members of the society specifically focused on continuing education for active-duty members and enrichment opportunities for health care providers.


To promote the BSc major in paramedicine program as a positive course for those looking for more opportunities in the academic field. To promote the importance of higher academic learning for those in the profession of paramedicine. To promote and advocate for the profession of paramedicine as an important part of Canadian healthcare.


Providing a place for current students in the BSc major in paramedicine program to find and connect with one another. Provide a place for current students to connect with previous program graduates to explore various options available after graduation. To provide a place for students with interest in paramedicine to connect with those that are active in the field of practice.


Charles Lavers:

Parks Canada UPEI

The Parks Canada Campus Club at UPEI is a way for students to be connected with nature and get to know the great things that Parks Canada offers in PEI and the rest of Canada.


This club or society is not currently active.

Physics Society

The UPEI Physics Society aims to bring together those studying in the realm of physics and make the process of learning as easy as possible. Since the department is small, the prime directive for this society is to reach out to those interested in the subject and to support their pursuit. So, all those interested in physics may become members!


Zach Evans:

Players Unite!

Our club represents a welcoming environment for people to enjoy themselves and indulge in their favorite tabletop games while making new friends.


Zaid Daqa:

Political Science Society

The main purpose of the UPEI Political Science Society is to promote and raise awareness of the Political Science majors and minors via the Society so as to aid students interested in the program.


This club or society is not currently active.

Power to Change

UPEI P2C is a Christian student ministry that desires to help students like you take their next step towards Jesus, wherever you are in your faith journey. We want to see every student walking closer to Jesus and experiencing life in him. UPEI P2C is a Christian student ministry that desires to help students like you take their next step towards Jesus, wherever you are in your faith journey. We want to see every student walking closer to Jesus and experiencing life in him.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Pre-Med Society

The Pre-Med society will give students interested in pursuing a career in medicine a place to interact with other students on the same route. There will be information and guidance about writing the MCAT and Casper exams, building up a competitive application, and the process of applying to Medical School.


Sophie Maria MacDonald:

Pre-Law Society

The UPEI Pre-Law Society is open to any UPEI students interested in applying to law school or any area of the legal or political profession, as well as discussing domestic and international politics, and debating controversial topics. The aim of this society is to share the common interest of law among UPEI students, and to enhance cognitive growth through improvement of writing and critical thinking. In addition, students will work collectively to share resources, which will further familiarize themselves with the law school application process. There is an active instagram page that members are encouraged to join.

Username: upeiprelawsociety

Amir Sayafi & Xavier Lacroix:

Pre-Veterinary Society

The Pre-Vet Society is a campus club designed to help aspiring veterinary students take the necessary steps required to apply to AVC and other Veterinary Colleges. There are biweekly meetings about academic requirements, animal experience, and GRE requirements, etc. as well as occasional mixers with the AVC students. The Pre-Vet Society welcomes new comers with open arms and prides itself on a friendly, stress-free environment!


*This club or society is not currently active.

Presents for Peds

Presents for Peds is a non-profit organization to support the children and families on the Pediatric unit at the QEH. Through the generous donations of our community, we host an annual auction to purchase the gifts on the children’s wish list. Our mission is to brighten the Holidays for the children and their families during a more challenging time.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Psychology Arts and Sciences Society (PASS)

This is a club where like minded people can get together and enjoy a sense of community while away from home.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Psych Society

The UPEI Psych Society is a club open to all students at UPEI. We meet at various times throughout the year to discuss upcoming academic and social events. It provides students with a network of individual with whom to share activities and educational concerns.


Hannah Coles:

PsyD Student Society

The PsyD Student Society provides support for students enrolled in the Doctor of Clinical Psychology program, and organizes activities and events.


This club or society is not currently active.

Relay for Life UPEI

We relay for everyone who has been affected by cancer in some way or the other. It’s more than a fundraiser. An amazing way to contribute to the society. All funds collected go towards cancer research


Goshna Rabeca George:

Rotaract UPEI

Rotaract is a service club for young men and women ages 18 to 30 who are dedicated to community and international service. Its membership totals over 184,000 in more than 8,000 clubs worldwide. Rotaract clubs are self-governing and self-supporting and can be either university- or community-based. Individual Rotary clubs sponsor Rotaract clubs and offer guidance and support, making the Rotaract clubs true “partners in service” and key members of the family of Rotary. The club consists of both [current students and alumni and you can still be a part of the club even after you graduate!


Ananya Kaur:

SAVS (Society of Atlantic Veterinary Students)

SAVS is AVC’s student body council that coordinates a number of activities throughout the school year and represents the AVC student body.


Jamye Rouette:

School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences Society (SMCSS)

SMCSS is the Math and Computer Science Society where we celebrate and enjoy all things computer science, math, video games, numbers and technology! We host movie nights, game nights and trivia nights. You do not need to be a SMCS student to join, you just need a love for technology or numbers!


Nikki Babaii Kochekseraii:,


Shinerama is a national, student-led fundraising campaign in support of cystic fibrosis research, care and advocacy. We aim to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis, as well as raise funds to support the search for a cure for the most common fatal genetic disease in Canada.


Inara Bhalesha:

Sociology-Anthropology Student Society

The UPEI Sociology-Anthropology Society is dedicated to bringing students with similar interests together. We aim to foster a sense of community within the Sociology and Anthropology department.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Students for Social Justice

UPEI Students for Social Justice aims to be an inclusive and educational space for students across disciplines to come together and engage with complex social issues with their peers (e.g. racism, sexism, colonialism, healthism etc.). We will provide opportunities for students to grapple with social justice issues, apply what they have learned, and be a part of needed social change. Connecting with local non-profits, encouraging educational displays, and starting difficult dialogues, the Students for Social Justice society is for everyone interested in learning to create more just social systems.


Sarah Freeburn:

UPEI Debate/MUN Club

“Creating a community of thinkers, speakers and writers”. This club’s aim is to create an enigmatic, thought-provoking, innovative and diverse community of debaters, philosophers, conversationalists, diplomats, writers and innovators of ideas across various universal subjects and issues.


Mohammed Ateeq:

UPEI Sports Industry Society

Ever dream of working in the big leagues? Discouraged about coming from Canada’s smallest province? Not sure how to pursue a lifelong passion? Don’t worry! The UPEI Sports Industry Society provides students from all faculties the opportunity to learn about a career in sports. Through networking events, virtual conferences, in-person gatherings, and more, members will hear from industry professionals on a wide variety of topics and career paths, including but not limited to: marketing, sales, management, kinesiology, mathematics, analytics, journalism, communications, and more.


John Alex Vos:

UPEI Student Scholars Association

UPEICSSA is aimed to provide a communication and entertainment platform for all the UPEl students, especially for whom interested in Chinese culture. UPEICSSA will offer various events to enrich UPEl culture. The organization distributes to strengthen the connection between Chinese and Canadian students, and help Chinese students adapt to the Canadian culture.


*This club or society is not currently active.

UPEI Undergraduate Journal Club

A club for undergraduate students to discuss modern advances and recent discoveries in science. An open space for discussion for anyone passionate about science.


*This club or society is not currently active.


UPEI UNICEF Club is proud to announce that we have officially partnered with UNICEF Canada to bring a campus club to the University of Prince Edward Island. This club is centered around promoting student engagement and awareness to global issues and crises mainly affecting children such as poverty, racial and gender inequality, natural disasters, human rights violations, lack of accessibility to education and much more. We are determined to create volunteering opportunities that will help UPEI students remain engaged and involved within their local communities, and the global environment as a whole. There is an Instagram account that members are encouraged to join. Username: upeiunicefclub


Amir Sayafi:

Arian Abolhassani:

UPEI WUSC (World University Service of Canada)

WUSC is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to providing education, employment and empowerment opportunities for youth around the world.


Christine Lunney:

UPEI Ultimate

UPEI Ultimate is a club sports team that plays the sport commonly known as “ultimate Frisbee”! We practice twice per week during the fall semester on the UPEI turf field and are open to all skill levels and genders. We plan to compete in at least one off-Island tournament per academic year, typically against club teams from other Maritime universities!


Luke McCarvill:

Young Adults and Singles Ministry

The Young Adults and Singles Ministry is a voluntary student organization at the University of Prince Edward Island campus with the aim of helping young adults and singles grow in their spiritual, career, social and personal lives.


*This club or society is not currently active.

Contact: Clubs & Events Coordinator,