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Active Clubs

UPEI Actuarial Club

The UPEI Actuarial Club is here to shine a spotlight on Actuarial Science while connecting fellow students and industry professionals. Our aim is to spread knowledge about the Actuarial Field, provide networking opportunities for students, and help each other kickstart our careers. Our club welcomes all students interested in pursuing a career in Actuarial Science.


Actuarial Club Member Survey:


Contact Information: Noah Poirier:

UPEI African Student Association (UPEI ASA)

We are a vibrant and inclusive community dedicated to celebrating and promoting the African continent’s diverse cultures, traditions and experiences. Our association offers a welcoming space for students from various backgrounds, fostering cultural exchange, academic support, and leadership development. We strive to celebrate a sense of belonging while contributing to the rich tapestry of diversity at UPEI. Join us as we celebrate our heritage within our campus community.


Contact Information: Oluwafunlola Segun-Afowowe:

Applied Human Sciences Society: Foods and Nutrition & Kinesiology

The purpose of AHSS is to provide the students of the Applied Human Sciences (AHS) department (foods and nutrition and kinesiology) the opportunity to be part of a community-like atmosphere.The goals of AHSS are to:

• Increase pride and participation within the AHS department through the provision of a series of events and activities that will help AHS students enjoy their university experience in a responsible yet enjoyable manner

• Support our peers throughout their UPEI university experience by being known and available to aid the students in any issues within the AHS department

• Encourage open communication between peers and professors

• Promote a sense of community and allow the option for every AHS student to have a voice within the society


Contact Information: Olivia Walelin:

B.Ed Society

The BEd Society represents and is comprised of UPEI’s Bachelor of Education students. We are here to provide positivity, engagement, accountability, inclusion, and respect throughout the education program.


Contact Information: Grace Wilson:

UPEI Bible Study

Relaxed, practical, discussion based opportunity to connect with Christian community on campus through Bible study as well as other events.


Contact Information: Lillia Curley :

Biology Society

This group aims to provide an inclusive space for students interested in the study of biology. Meet like-minded people and discover opportunities in the biology department! The Biology Society creates a welcoming environment through social events and making connections. All students are encouraged to join the society and attend events!


Contact Information: Hannah Johnston & Payton Alexander: or

Black Student Association

Empowering Voices, Fostering Unity: The Aim of the Black Student Union at UPEI The Black Student Union at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) aims to provide a safe, inclusive, and empowering space for Black students. Our primary objectives are to promote cultural awareness, advocate for social justice, and create a supportive community that celebrates diversity and amplifies the voices of Black students on campus.


Contact Information: Elizabeth Ebe:

Business Society

The UPEI Business Society is the largest and most active student-run organization on campus, dedicated to enhancing the educational and social well-being of students in the Faculty of Business. Members are provided with exceptional opportunities to develop relationships and expand their professional network with local business leaders, faculty, and fellow students.


Contact Information: Matt Jelley:

Canadian Catholic Students Association

Canadian Catholic Student Association (CCSA) is here to represent all Catholic and Christian students who attend UPEI or other colleges or universities across Canada. This group allows those with the same interest or belief that they are able to grow and share faith experiences. This can be done through activities such as praying the rosary as a group, attending retreats, etc.


Contact Information: Chloe MacAdam:


CARE UPEI aims to celebrate people with disabilities, bring awareness, represent people with visible and invisible disabilities, and educate students, faculty, and the public on barriers to accessible education.


Contact Information: Antwaun Rolle:

Chemistry Society

The Chemistry Society is open to all students at UPEI, focusing on providing a venue for educational and social growth to those pursuing a degree in chemistry. Students of any year are welcome and encouraged to attend!


Contact Information: Bashar Al Hakeem:

UPEI Cheerleading Club

The UPEI Cheerleading Team aims to bring a fun and safe environment for all our athletes. While promoting cheerleading and supporting UPEI athletics. Members of the student body looking to engage in the panther sports community spread enthusiasm, and support all athletes representing UPEI.


Contact Information: Baily MacLeod:

UPEI Chinese Students and Scholars Association

The University of Prince Edward Island Chinese Students and Scholars Association (UPEI CSSA) is an organization dedicated to fostering cultural exchange and understanding between Chinese students and the broader UPEI community. It aims to provide support to Chinese students and scholars at UPEI and organizes various cultural, educational, and social activities to enrich the university experience. Open to all UPEI students, faculty, and staff interested in Chinese culture, UPEI CSSA serves as a platform for cultural sharing and mutual support within the university setting.


Contact Information: Xi Lu:

UPEI Chess Club

The UPEI chess club serves as a place for anyone who plays chess or is interested in learning the game to get together and enjoy!


Contact Information: Brad Wilson:

Creative Art Club

The creative art club aims to drive innovation, boldness, and inner character growth, extending from individuals to our closest community and the value of the university as a whole.


Contact Information: Jamuna Gurung:

UPEI Cricket Club

Passionate about cricket? Join UPEI’s vibrant cricket community! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, our inclusive club offers a perfect blend of competition and camaraderie. Led by a dedicated executive, we value teamwork, skill development and community engagement. Beyond the field, enjoy social events and workshops. Connect with us for an unforgettable cricket experience! #UPEICricket #PlayConnectCelebrate


Contact Information: Syed Zohair Ali Rizvi:

UPEI Dance Club

The dance club aims to bring together people of different cultures to unite in their passion for dance and enjoy physical activity in a manner that encourages teamwork and routine. Join the team for a fun-filled year of dance showcases, workshops, cyphers and many more events!


Contact Information: Sneha Angela DSouza:

UPEI Debate & MUN Club

The debate and MUN club aims to create an enigmatic, thought-provoking, and diverse community of debaters, philosophers, writers and innovators of ideas across various universal and global subjects and issues. The club fosters an environment for enhancing critical thinking, public speaking, and awareness of world affairs.


Contact Information: Mohammed Ateeq:

Deeper Life Campus Fellowship

It is an inter-denominational fellowship, embracing campus Christians who share the same doctrinal belief irrespective of their denominations and affiliations.

It aims to acquaint students, and staff with basic Bible principles of success, to help them make a habit of succeeding in their academic work, life career, and endeavors, and to lead Christian believers into deeper knowledge and Christian experiences with the Lord Jesus Christ. It further aims to acquaint students and staff with the gracious means of living holy, healthy, happy, balanced, and fruitful Christian lives in their environment.


Contact Information: Adedamola Adedeji:


Enactus (Entrepreneurial Action Us) is the largest global business network in the world with over 72,000 members from 1,730 universities in 36 countries. Enactus UPEI is one of 79 university teams across Canada that implements projects to improve the economic, social, and environmental health of the country.

Throughout the school year, Enactus UPEI implements entrepreneurial projects that all have the common goal of making the world a better place. The group develops projects to help people on our campus and in our community. Enactus is an incredible way to develop skills, meet new people, build your resume, and help out your community.

In the 2018-19 academic year Enactus UPEI developed a completely new project, Bury & Bloom. Bury & Bloom fosters sustainability by recycling unwanted paper waste to create plantable products. Our first line of plantable products includes greeting cards which contain seeds and are able to be planted. Our group also visited Prince Edward Island elementary schools to educate students about the environment. Enactus UPEI demonstrated that even a new project—on a small scale—can make a big difference.

At the end of each year, members travel to regional and national competitions to present what we have accomplished.


Contact Information: Samuel Harding:

Engineering Society

The UPEI Engineering Society represents all students enrolled in the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering program and aims to promote a sense of community and inclusivity between all engineering students and improve student experience through social events and enriching educational opportunities.


Contact Information: Brian Macdonald:

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders UPEI aims to address root causes of poverty and inequality through engineering and advocacy. From engineering projects with community partners, hands-on construction, fundraisers for local causes, environmental sustainability initiatives, and social and political advocacy, we aim to capitalize on the range of skills our club members possess. New members are always welcome!


Contact Information: Lilly O’Rielly:

UPEI Engineering Brigades

The UPEI Engineering Brigades club recruits student volunteers to attend an Engineering Brigade in remote and rural communities in Honduras each year. While on Engineering Brigades, student volunteers work with the support of local engineers and technicians to assess the community’s water sources, map, survey, and plan piping routes, and ultimately create a water system design to present to community members.


Contact Information: Maddy Cronin:

English Society

Hello! Welcome to the UPEI English Society. The English Society is dedicated to the study and appreciation of the English language. We aim to cultivate literary passion, ability, and originality and strive to create opportunities for students to socialize, learn, and connect with their colleagues and faculty who share their interest in the language.


Claire MacPhee:

Equestrian Club

Becoming a Member

A competitive club that allows students the opportunity to compete in the Atlantic Intercollegiate Equestrian League (AIEL) across maritime universities

Riders must tryout to be selected for the team. Information is updated on Facebook and Instagram when relevant.

Riders must have SSEI helmets, proper show attire, and be full or part-time UPEI, AVC or Holland College student with proof of insurance and an up to date Provincial Equestrian membership

UPEI Equestrian Society – A student society operating under UPEI SU

Aimed to be a place for all students who share a passion for and interest in horses.

The society does not require members to take riding lessons.

Society events will be equine focused and will include information talks, social events, and more

The goal is to bring together students who are also horse lovers or have an interest in becoming more involved in equestrian activities.

A list of local barns will be provided and a Facebook group exists to connect students who may wish to plan lessons and travel together.


Contact Information: Lacey White:

Film and Photography Club

The Film and Photography Club seeks to connect and equip creatives in their fields of interest and also to help members build their portfolios. We also want to enhance knowledge of UPEI students with these interests as much as we can and create unforgettable experiences with one another and UPEI as a whole. Our society caters to not just videographers and photographers but all creatives in the visual creation industry.


Contact Information: Delphina Morgan:

FSDE Design Club

The FSDE Design Club is open for all UPEI students who want something hands-on to do on campus. Every year, we will have a handful of projects for members to choose from, which they will then design and build from scratch while also learning about the design process under the province’s top engineers. Learn how to design, how to use the equipment in the FSDE, and make some new friends along the way!


Contact Information: Nathan Belanger:

FSDE Precious Plastic Club

The Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering Precious Plastic Club (or FSDE PPC for short) is a student-created club that was formed in the Fall semester of 2022. The club follows and uses ample online resources provided by the organization Precious Plastic. The goal of the FSDE PPC is to build a plastic shredder that can shred recycled plastic from the FSDE and the UPEI community. Also, the club is all about forming awareness within the school by implementing collection sites, events, and recycling: educating fellow classmates and faculty members about recycling while having a great time! In the future, the club wishes to build other machines like an extrusion machine that can form products or filaments for 3-D printing to integrate a sort of circular economy within the school. Of course, the club is also about having fun and being creative with creating these solutions for the betterment of the school, community, and planet!


Contact Information: Madelyn Case:

Gaming Club

The UPEI Gaming Club is a society that looks forward to bringing together the gamers of UPEI. Join the club if you are looking to participate in tournaments, find people to play with and discuss your passion for gaming.


Contact Information: Alexander Chang:

UPEI Gives Blood

UPEI Gives Blood is a group that advocates about the importance of blood donation in Canada. Our goal is to increase awareness about blood donation, increase donations at the Canadian Blood Services location in Charlottetown, and create lasting friendships between students. Donating blood to join this club is unnecessary – all are welcome.


Contact Information: Maddy Cronin or Kate Doyle:

History Society

The history society helps foster a passion and respect for history! All students are welcome!


Contact Information: Aiden Campbell:

UPEI Indian Society

The UPEI Indian Cultural Society (UPEI ICS) is a dynamic student-led organization dedicated to celebrating and promoting the rich and diverse tapestry of Indian culture. Our society serves as a hub for students from all over who share an interest in the traditions, arts, languages and customs that define the beautiful subcontinent of India. Through engaging events, cultural showcases, and discussions, the ICS aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for Indian heritage. We provide a welcoming and inclusive space where members can share their experiences, learn about the various regions and traditions of India, and, all in all, feel closer to home.


Contact Information: Diya Dansinghani:

Island Studies Student Association

The UPEI Island Studies Student Association embodies the value of providing an opportunity for the creation of community amongst students in the Island Studies program. Community as defined at the discretion of the students.

The purpose of the UPEI Island Studies Student Association (hereafter referred to as ‘group’) group is to bring together students with a common interest in the field of island studies and to find peers with a similar mindset. The Association also aims to provide opportunities to further the student’s knowledge of opportunities available to students at UPEI.The UPEI Island Studies Student Association, will also act as a source of information for students regarding local outreach, extra-curricular possibilities, and all-around student support.

The UPEI Island Studies Student Association’s goal is to provide students with support, community, friendship, and kindness while they study in the Island Studies program.


Contact Information: Hexi Wang:

Japanese Society

The purpose of this society is to enhance people’s understandings of Japanese culture. We set up opportunities for doing cross-cultural exchange through various kinds of activities.


Contact Information: Himeko Tokuda:

Jesus Youth PEI

Jesus Youth is an international Catholic movement that challenges young people to live a meaningful life.


Contact Information: Saadara Josy:

UPEI Kerala Federation

UPEI Kerala Federation aims to represent the interests of students enrolled in UPEI who are of Kerala origin or who have an affinity for the malayali cultural values. Also, this is a platform for members to network and support each other in academic and personal pursuits.


Contact Information: Nayana Sunila:

KPOP Society

The UPEI Kpop Society aims to bring together students who love Kpop, to form new friendships and experiences. We want to introduce others to Korean pop culture in fun and exciting ways.


Contact Information: Audrey Gaboya:

UPEI Latin Society

Our club celebrates the rich diversity of Latin American cultures through engaging events, cultural exchanges, and community-building initiatives. With a focus on fostering unity and understanding, we provide a welcoming space for all UPEI students to connect, share experiences, and explore the vibrant tapestry of Latin American traditions, languages, and cuisines. Join us as we embrace the spirit of camaraderie and celebrate the unique contributions of Latin America to our campus community!


Contact Information: Luciana Quiroa Paredes:

Lighthouse Campus Fellowship

Lighthouse Campus Fellowship is a voluntary student organization at the University of Prince Edward Island campus with the aim of helping young and emerging adults grow in their spiritual, career, social and personal lives.


Contact Information: Cecily Erzuah:

UPEI Medical Brigades

The UPEI Medical Brigades is a student-led, non-profit organization that will participate in an annual medical brigade. This involves fundraising towards a specific donation goal as well as collecting donation items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, and more. The brigade can take place in countries located in Central America, Africa, and South-Eastern Europe. The goal of a medical brigade is to promote sustainable development through a holistic approach for communities who have identified a need for medical care.


Contact Information: Carter Wynne:

UPEI Nepalese Society

Nepal has always been a mystery to the west and fascinating to everyone. There is a lot of beauty in Nepal. With its rich ancient cultures and dramatic scenery, Nepal is a land of discovery and unique experiences. We have a very popular quote that It Says ‘If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or is a Gurkha.’ As immigrants, we came with rich cultures and histories and a brave attitude. It is now our responsibility to pass on this legacy to the new generations in Canada.

With increasing number of Nepalese students at UPEI, we have set up a club to bring sense of home among students.


Contact Information: Yash Gupta:

Nursing Society

The UPEI Nursing Society is designed to act locally for UPEI Nursing students and represents UPEI at a national level, including CNSA. The society, consisting of students from various years from both the 4 year and accelerated program plan and host events for nursing students throughout the year to ensure the university experience in a professional program feels welcoming, memorable, and fun!


Contact Information: Jessica Watts:

Pakistan Student Association

The Pakistan Student Association is the official community group for the Pakistani students at UPEI to connect, enjoy traditional celebrations, and help each other grow in their future aspirations.


Contact Information: Syed Imran Ali:

Paramedicine Society

The UPEI Paramedicine Society aims to represent the interests of students enrolled in the BSc major in paramedicine stream, and those who have an interest in paramedicine. The purpose of this group will to be achieve the following goals:



To provide resources and academic advice to members of the BSc major in paramedicine program at UPEI. To provide on and off campus educational opportunities to members of the society specifically focused on continuing education for active-duty members and enrichment opportunities for health care providers.


To promote the BSc major in paramedicine program as a positive course for those looking for more opportunities in the academic field. To promote the importance of higher academic learning for those in the profession of paramedicine. To promote and advocate for the profession of paramedicine as an important part of Canadian healthcare.


To provide a place for students with interest in paramedicine to connect with those that are active in the field of practice.


Contact Information: Brad Wilson:

Philosophy Society

Welcome to the Philosophy Society, a vibrant community of inquisitive minds dedicated to exploring the deepest questions of existence. Join us in thought-provoking discussions, lectures, and debates as we unravel the mysteries of ethics, metaphysics, epistemology, and more. Whether you’re a seasoned philosopher or a curious novice, our society welcomes all who seek wisdom and seek to broaden their understanding of the world around us.


Contact Information: Shreesh Agrawal: 

Physics Society

The UPEI Physics Society aims to bring together those studying in the realm of physics and make the process of learning as easy as possible. Since the department is small, the prime directive for this society is to reach out to those interested in the subject and to support their pursuit. So, all those interested in physics may become members!


Contact Information: Zach Evans:

Players Unite!

Our club represents a welcoming environment for people to enjoy themselves and indulge in their favourite tabletop games while making new friends. (Instagram account: playersunite_)


Contact Information: Zaid Daqa:

Pre-Law Society

The UPEI Pre-Law Society is open to any UPEI students interested in applying to law school or any area of the legal or political profession. The aim of this society is to share the common interest of law among UPEI students, and open a communication for students working through the process of applying to law school. Along with trips to law schools, guest speakers in related professions to the legal/political field to talk about different careers a law degree could be used towards.


Contact Information: Christina Muise:

Pre-Med Society

The Pre-Med society will give students interested in pursuing a career in medicine a place to interact with other students on the same route. There will be information and guidance about writing the MCAT and Casper exams, building up a competitive application, and the process of applying to Medical School.


Contact Information: Sophie MacDonald:

Political Science Society

The Political Science Society aims to promote political awareness and activism on the University of Prince Edward Island campus.


Contact Information: Sadie Macneil:

Pre-Veterinary Society

The UPEI Pre-Veterinary Society aims to bring together a group of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in veterinary medicine, animal welfare, and/or animals. Members will have the opportunity to participate in events geared towards teaching them about veterinary medicine in an inclusive environment.


Contact Information: Kayla Dalpe:

Presents for Paediatrics

Presents for Paediatrics is a club of like-minded individuals who host fundraisers and collect donation items in order to purchase gifts for children who have to spend a lot of time in the hospital around Christmas. We want to do our part to help spread some cheer during the Holiday season and help out some families in need.


Contact Information: Jessica Perry:

UPEI Psychology Society

The Psychology Society is an energetic, mindful society looking to improve the experience of all students on campus. We strive to provide free events that are inclusive of everyone! The society values academics and positive mental health practices.


Contact Information: Keely Stevenson:

UPEI Public Health Society

Our mission is to educate, advocate, and debate everything surrounding public health and related outcomes. This society aims to give educational workshops and seminars for all interested students at UPEI, while allowing them to network with other students and industry professionals. Members have the benefit of access to events, professional development, networking opportunities, and knowledge enrichment in a safe space. Whether students are actively majoring in a related field or just interested, all are welcome to become involved at no cost!


Contact Information: Owen Brown:

UPEI Relay For Life

We relay for everyone who has been affected by cancer in some way or the other. It’s more than a fundraiser. An amazing way to contribute to the Canadian Cancer Society. All funds collected go towards cancer research.


Contact Information: Goshna Rabeca George:

Rotaract UPEI

The Rotaract Club is about connecting with others. Coming together as a community to volunteer, socialize and bond with others. We work with charities to help the less fortunate and to make persons break out of their shells.


Contact Information: Branthio Thurston:

Sanatana Dharma Sangathan

Join the Sanatana Dharma Sangathan to walk on the path of Dharma.


Contact Information: Saugat Shrestha:

School of Mathematical and Computational Sciences Society (SMCSS)

SMCSS is the Math and Computer Science Society where we celebrate and enjoy all things computer science, math, video games, numbers and technology! We host movie nights, game nights and trivia nights. You do not need to be a SMCS student to join, you just need a love for technology or numbers!


Contact Information: Nikki Babaii Kochekseraii:,

UPEI Sports Industry Society

Ever dream of working in the big leagues? Discouraged about coming from Canada’s smallest province? Not sure how to pursue a lifelong passion? Don’t worry! The UPEI Sports Industry Society provides students from all faculties the opportunity to learn about a career in sports. Through networking events, virtual conferences, in-person gatherings, and more, members will hear from industry professionals on a wide variety of topics and career paths, including but not limited to: marketing, sales, management, kinesiology, mathematics, analytics, journalism, communications, and more.


Contact Information (Co-presidents Benjamin Nelson and Lauren Rainford):

Students for Social Justice

Our group is intended to be an inclusive space where people can explore complex social justice ideas (e.g., around gender, sexuality, race, disability, class, climate and environment, non-human animals, bodies, etc). in a welcoming environment. The purpose of this group is to encourage all students to examine how social justice emerges in their lives and provide opportunities to engage with social justice work.


Contact Information: Madison Snell:

Sri Lankan Students Association in UPEI - (SLSA - UPEI)

It aims to foster a supportive environment for new Sri Lankan students and establish a vibrant community for Sri Lankan students within UPEI. They will also promote Sri Lankan traditions and preserve the richness of Sri Lankan culture while fostering cross-cultural understanding. Assist new students in acclimating to PEI’s culture and navigating any cultural differences they may encounter.


Contact Information: Padmini Dambugolla:

Tennis Club

The UPEI Tennis Club is a social club for people to try out tennis, discover a new hobby, and make friends while doing so! The tennis club accepts anyone who wants to try tennis regardless of prior experience and athletic ability. The club also has coaches there to help with playing tennis every step of the way. We meet every Friday at the Victoria Park tennis courts from 7-9 p.m.!


Contact Information: Cezar Campeanu:

UPEI Ultimate Club

UPEI Ultimate is a club sports team that plays the sport commonly known as “Ultimate Frisbee”! We practice twice per week during the fall semester on the UPEI turf field and are open to all skill levels and genders. We plan to compete in at least one off-Island tournament per academic year, typically against club teams from other Maritime universities!


Contact Information: Luke McCarvill:


UPEI UNICEF Club is proud to announce that we have officially partnered with UNICEF Canada to bring a campus club to the University of Prince Edward Island. This club is centered around promoting student engagement and awareness to global issues and crises mainly affecting children such as poverty, racial and gender inequality, natural disasters, human rights violations, lack of accessibility to education and much more. We are determined to create volunteering opportunities that will help UPEI students remain engaged and involved within their local communities, and the global environment as a whole. There is an Instagram account that members are encouraged to join. (Instagram: upeiunicefclub)


Contact Information: Arian Abolhassani:

UPEI WUSC (World University Service of Canada)

WUSC is a Canadian non-profit organization working to create a better world for all young people. We bring together a diverse network of students, volunteers, schools, governments, and businesses who share this vision. Together, we foster youth-centered solutions for improved education, economic, and empowerment opportunities to overcome inequality and exclusion in over 15 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Americas.


Contact Information: Songobele Mulenga or Huda Osman: