Clubs & Societies

The Applied Human Sciences Society is a group of students from family science, foods and nutrition, and kinesiology that come together as one.

*This club or society is not currently active.

The UPEI Bahai Association aims at bringing students together from all backgrounds that want to work together to be involved in their personal and community transformation. It operates on the Bahai principle on the oneness of humanity “Ye are all the leaves of one tree and the drops of one ocean.”. It aims to create inclusive spaces for discussion and the arts to explore the potentialities of young people, our responsibilities towards the younger generation, how we can support one another, and how to build community and, ultimately, advance our global civilization.  These are done through regular Youth Gathering for university students, volunteering at Junior Youth Camps, and other social activities.

*This club or society is not currently active.

We design, build, and race an off road vehicle at SAE competitions.

*This club or society is not currently active.

Bangladeshi Student Association (BSA)-UPEI Chapter aims to promote Bangladeshi culture and history at UPEI for both Bangladeshi and international students. We will work for promoting opportunities for Bangladeshi students to consolidate and build up their social and educational networks. Simultaneously, we will organize different programme to raise money for the marginalized and disaster affected people in Bangladesh.

*This club or society is not currently active.

The Best Buddies club pairs a UPEI student with an adult who has a developmental/intellectual disability. The purpose of our club is to connect people and make lasting friendships and we do so by hosting a number of events throughout the year.

Abigail Cromwell (

The UPEI Biology Society is a society dedicated to enhancing the social and educational experience of biology students at UPEI. Many fun events and initiatives are done every year, along with bi-weekly meetings in the Biology Lounge. Students from any year of study are welcome to join!

Montana-Jean Loughran (

The UPEI Blood Donation Team is here to promote blood donation among students and to inform everyone of the importance blood, plasma, stem cell and organ donation. We work closely with Canadian Blood Services to keep you up to date on what’s new in the blood world, and to make your first donation as easy as possible. We are on campus to recruit new student donors and will be hosting UPEI Blood Rush events once again — A student blood donation competition with lots of prizes!

Riley MacKay (

The UPEI Business Society is dedicated to the betterment of university life and to enhancing the student experience in the UPEI Faculty of Business, and allowing students not enrolled in the Faculty of Business to gain business skills. Our purpose is to engage students in campus life and to encourage and facilitate active involvement in the Faculty of Business. We fulfil our purpose by creating opportunities to develop relationships with local business leaders, faculty members, and fellow peers through various events and initiatives throughout the academic year.

Noah Woodworth (

The CCSA is an organization of students who practice and life their both on campus and in their personal lives. It is a place of fellowship and worship.

*This club or society is not currently active.

The Chemistry Society is open to all students at UPEI with a focus on providing a venue for educational and social growth to those pursuing a degree in chemistry. Students of any year are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Jocelynne Richards (

Our group is mainly for studying the Bible and sharing some work and study experiences.

Lingwen Zhang (

With the motto of “Live to Serve, Love to Serve”, the CKI Club of UPEI helps to develop university students into a global, responsible citizens and leaders with a lifelong commitment to service.

Mai Nguyen (

It is an inter-denominational fellowship, embracing campus Christian who share the same doctrinal belief irrespective of their denominations and affiliations.
It aims to acquaint students, and staff with basic Bible principle of success, to help them make a habit of succeeding in their academic work, life career and endeavours, and to lead Christian believers into deeper knowledge and Christian experiences with the Lord Jesus Christ. It further aims to acquaint students and staff with the gracious means of living holy, healthy, happy, balanced and fruitful Christian lives in their environment.

*This club or society is not currently active.

Enactus UPEI is part of a growing movement of over 66,000 students in 36 countries seeking to make a difference. From business to science to engineering (and everything in between), we are a group of diverse interests and talents with a common goal: impactful change. At Enactus UPEI, we take entrepreneurial actions to create a better world for us all.

Samantha MacLean (

The UPEI Engineering Society represents all students enrolled in the Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering program, and aims to promote a sense of community and inclusivity between all engineering students, and improve student experience through social events and enriching educational opportunities.

Kellen Devries (

Engineers Without Borders is a non-profit organization that works nationally and in Sub Saharan Africa by investing in forward thinking social entreprises. We bring people and ideas together to tackle the most crucial causes of poverty and inequality.

Sara Badr (

The English Society is a way to connect with other English-loving folks and have fun. We host a variety of events over the school year such as movie nights and trivia, and we would love to have you join us!

Kate Bartlett (

The Environmental Society exists to provide student support to Environmental Studies students, discuss environmental issues and knowledge, and advocate for positive environmental action.

*This club or society is not currently active.

The UPEI Equestrian Club represents students at UPEI or the AVC who wish to be part of a community which values equines and activities pertaining to the sport of Horseback Riding. If you share a passion for equine sport and would like the opportunity to partake in equine related activities come join us! Whether you’ve never been involved with horses or are a seasoned competitor, everyone is welcome. We aim to provide students with the opportunity to work with equines and develop relationships, not just with the animals but others who share in the interest. For those with a competitive interest an opportunity to experience intercollegiate competition through the Atlantic Intercollegiate Equestrian League is available.

*This club or society is not currently active.

From day one, everyone enters the doors of University of Prince Edward Island and leave with friends, colleagues and shared memories. The International Student Association aim at uniting all international students and lowering the cultural and social barriers between each other, while networking and growing as individuals. We are one world and we want to unite students from all over the world, along with local students to form a community, of all languages, race, genders, sexualities, abilities and colours. Which will share the same emotions of laughter and happiness, creating memories for years to come.

Darren Fancy Machado ( UPEI is group on campus working to end the stigma surrounding mental health. We plan events and initiatives to engage the campus community in conversations surrounding mental health in order to challenge negative perceptions and raise awareness.

*This club or society is not currently active.

To explain about Japanese culture.

*This club or society is not currently active.

To play Magic The Gathering, build friendships, and bring like minded people together.

*This club or society is not currently active.

Our goal is to foster a sense of community and create a safe space for Mauritian students at UPEI, where students can get together to share their experiences and cultures, while contributing to their personal and academic growth through extracurricular activities.

*This club or society is not currently active.

The UPEI Music Society is comprised of students completing their BMus, BMusEd, BA (Major in Music), and BA (Minor in Music). The society’s main goals are to promote an inclusive and engaging atmosphere within the UPEI Music Department, and also, to fundraise for student scholarships.


*This club or society is not currently active.

We are the association that represents Muslim students on UPEI campus. We gladly hold events that bring together students of all faiths on campus for the purpose of spreading kindness and openness, such as teaching Arabic calligraphy and offering delicious Ramadan Iftar. We will be happy to see you in one of our upcoming social events!

*This club or society is not currently active.

The UPEI Nursing Research Club is a undergraduate nursing research/journal club that promotes research and critical thinking in nursing practice, disseminates the latest nursing research, and generate in-depth discussions on healthcare with the purpose of linking research to clinical practice.

*This club or society is not currently active.

The UPEI Nursing Society is led by students, for students, with representatives from each year of the program, including our accelerated 2-year program. The NursingSociety meets monthly to discuss initiatives and events that would benefit the UPEI Faculty of Nursing student population. They are responsible for planning fun events for students, aiding in the transition into the program for new students, and fundraising for various local and international initiatives. The society also welcomes and brings to light any issues students may be having that need further discussion and collaboration with faculty.  

*This club or society is not currently active.

Help address food insecurity on campus.

*This club or society is not currently active.

The Parks Canada Campus Club at UPEI is a way for students to be connected with nature and get to know the great things that Parks Canada offers in PEI and the rest of Canada.

Erika Miller (

We connect with Chinese students to provide a friendly environment to them at UPEI.

*This club or society is not currently active.

The UPEI Physics Society aims to bring together those studying in the realm of physics and make the process of learning as easy as possible. Since the department is small, the prime directive for this society is to reach out to those interested in the subject and to support their pursuit. So, all those interested in physics may become members!

Justin Dowling (

The main purpose of the UPEI Political Science Society is to promote and raise awareness of the Political Science majors and minors via the Society so as to aid students interested in the program.

Kareemat Anjola Suleman (

Our purpose is to help Christian students and faculty live a life of faith in Jesus Christ, to be a resource for the university population who want to explore and cultivate a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and to create environments where people can study the Bible and apply it to their lives. We have weekly programing to help people connect including bible studies, prayer meetings and socials.

Hannah Hardy,

The UPEI Pre-Med Society is open to all UPEI students that intend to apply to medical school and pursue a career in medicine. There is an active facebook page, UPEI Pre-Med Society, where information about meetings, volunteer opportunities, fundraising events and fun activities is posted! This society is a great opportunity for students with similar interests to learn from one another and from individuals in the health-care community.

Lauren Rogerson (

The Pre-Vet Society is a campus club designed to help aspiring veterinary students take the necessary steps required to apply to AVC and other Veterinary Colleges. There are biweekly meetings about academic requirements, animal experience, and GRE requirements, etc. as well as occasional mixers with the AVC students. The Pre-Vet Society welcomes new comers with open arms and prides itself on a friendly, stress-free environment!

*This club or society is not currently active.

The purpose of this club is to give back to our community during the holidays, specifically the children in the paediatrics unit. Our idea is to encourage club members to fill a stocking with gifts that will later be delivered to the hospital in hopes of brining some joy to them and their families during a difficult time.

*This club or society is not currently active.

The UPEI Psychology Society is open to all students registered in a Psychology course at the University of Prince Edward Island. The Society meets at various points throughout the year to discuss both the academic and social events/interests of its members. It provides students with a network of individuals with whom to share activities and educational concerns. Club members can provide other students with valuable information relating to course selection, the Honours Program, graduate schools, volunteer opportunities and career possibilities. The Society also provides students with the opportunity to meet new people and to enrich their university experience.

Morgan Inman (

Rotaract is a club that aims to help local and international students to be more active in their community by networking by pairing ourselves with other non profit organisations to help them contribute to the community through volunteer work more than they could have achieved alone.

Kate Sims (

Society of Atlantic Veterinary Students is an overarching group for all DVM students at the AVC. We aim to improve our education and wellness.

The SMCSS is the student society for the school of Mathematics and Computational Sciences. We host different fun filled events throughout the year for students to participate in, everything from pumpkin carving to games nights.

Amanda Isenor (

Our group represents the students majoring/minoring in either Sociology, Anthropology, or Sociology and Anthropology. The purpose of this group is to build a community of students who share similar academic interests. We would like to achieve a legacy of students willing to continue this society in order to provide a fun environment in which people can engage in their academic interests outside of a classroom setting.

*This club or society is not currently active.

David Andres Reyes Aviles (

UPEICSSA is aimed to provide a communication and entertainment platform for all the UPEl students, especially for whom interested in Chinese culture. UPEICSSA will offer various events to enrich UPEl culture. The organization distributes to strengthen the connection between Chinese and Canadian students, and help Chinese students adapt to the Canadian culture.

*This club or society is not currently active.

The UPEI Tennis club represents UPEI at the Atlantic University Tennis League tournaments.  We would like to be posted on the SU website for to recruit potential new players.

*This club or society is not currently active.

WUSC is a Canadian non-profit organization dedicated to providing education, employment and empowerment opportunities for youth around the world.

Rookayya Bibi Gulmahamed (

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