These committees are made up of councillors, staff members, and student-at-large volunteers to serve the student body in a variety of ways. For more information, please see the Standing Committee By-Law

New Initiatives and Future Direction (NIFD)

Chair – President
This committee serves to develop plans for the future steering of the UPEI Student Union and aids the President in any new or special projects to occur in the Student Union Community.


Academic & External Steering Committee

Chair – VP Academic & External
The purpose of this committee is to complete assessments, provide recommendations and undertake actions concerning the Student Union’s relationship with provincial and federal lobby groups and to assess advocacy and lobbying actions on the municipal, provincial, and federal political arenas.



Chair – VP Finance
The goal of this committee is to support undergraduate, graduate students and sub-organizations at UPEI. The committee will allocate its resources to student activities, events, and to individual students.


Street Team

Chair – Marketing and Communications Manager
This committee is responsible for bringing UPEI Student Union excitement to campus. The role of the Street Team is to engage students on campus through various interactive promotions.


Governance Committee

Chair – VP Academic & External
This committee is tasked to promote advocacy across campus by creating awareness of student issues on and off campus, as well as engaging students for their input into advocacy efforts of the UPEI Student Union.

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