Our Mission

The UPEI Student Union exists to represent the interests of UPEI students and improve the student experience at UPEI.

Our Vision

Through our efforts, students will enjoy the best possible academic and social experience while enrolled at UPEI.

Our Core Values

Integrity and Accountability: Entrusted with handling students’ resources and advocating on their behalf, our employees and elected representatives will conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner and show consistency in their actions. We commit to what we say, we take responsibility for our actions, and we will work diligently to rectify any mistakes we might make.

Openness and Transparency: Our members, staff, and the greater community want to know what is happening in our organization, and we will communicate with them in a transparent way that meets their expectations. We will practice transparency by default, even when it is uncomfortable or difficult. We believe that justification is required to keep things private, not to make them public.

Inclusivity: We represent a diverse range of students from different places of origin and with different lived experiences. We will endeavour to make our organization as accessible as possible by actively incorporating all voices and dismantling barriers to participation so that all students feel included in student life.

Evidence-led: The use of evidence enhances the quality of our work and lends legitimacy to our positions and decisions. We will rely on consultation and research to guide our work in all aspects of the organization. Financial and Environmental Sustainability: We will conduct our operations in a fiscally and environmentally responsible manner. Meeting the needs of our current members will not compromise the ability of future members to meet their needs.

Contact: President, president@upeisu.ca or (902) 566-0398

Phone: 902.566.0530
Fax: 902.566.0530
W. A. Murphy Student Centre
550 University Avenue