Statement Regarding Chelsea Perry’s Resignation

Statement Regarding Chelsea Perry’s Resignation

March 22, 2018

The UPEI Student Union has sought advice from our legal counsel in regards to the resignation and notice of impeachment for Ms. Chelsea Perry. As such, we have determined that Council no longer has the authority to impeach Ms. Perry, given that she has already resigned from her position. The rationale for this conclusion is as follows:

While some organizations do require a Board of Directors to accept the resignation of an employee, such a necessity is not codified anywhere within the Constitution, by-laws, or policies of the SU. Because this stipulation is not codified anywhere within our governing documents, there is no other option but to accept the resignation of Ms. Perry. With regards to the impeachment process, our Constitution reads: “A member of Council may propose impeachment of a Council member…”

Upon Ms. Perry’s resignation, she forfeited her role as a member of Council, and is therefore no longer subject to a motion to impeach as outlined in the UPEISU Constitution. We would welcome further discussion amongst Council in regards to these findings and whether or not Council would like to see changes made to our Constitution to allow for different provisions.

We apologize for any confusion that these findings have caused. We have learned a lot over the last few weeks about some of the potential flaws in our governing documents and are investigating what steps can be taken to further develop these documents.

PLEASE NOTE: With this update, some facts regarding this situation in a previous statement made by the UPEISU are no longer valid.