UPEI Student Union’s Statement Regarding Proposed Tuition Increase

UPEI Student Union’s Statement Regarding Proposed Tuition Increase

In an email sent by Dr. Greg Naterer, Vice-President Academic and Research on the 7th of March, 2023, there was a proposed 4% increase in UPEI general tuition and a 6% increase for UPEI Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students. The UPEI Student Union would like to publicly condemn this proposition.

As UPEI fights to return to a degree of stability, inflation continues to rise across the province and all over Canada. PEI’s consumer-price index has had a year-over-year increase of 7.0% from January 2022, the highest inflationary increase amongst all provinces. Students are traditionally one of the most financially disadvantaged demographics. The administration increasing tuition when students are already struggling to make ends meet is unfair. The UPEI Student Union urges the administration to reconsider this increase, especially in light of present conditions. Now is not the time to put additional pressure on students.

The UPEISU will be lobbying and asking the Board of Governors Finance & Audit Committee, as well as the Board itself, to search for an alternate way to fund any resulting additional strain on the operating budget. We hope to see this tuition increase reconsidered and amended prior to approval.


UPEISU Executive Committee:

Adam MacKenzie, President & CEO

Leena Daboo, Vice President Finance & Administration

Anthonia Bebiem, Vice President Student Life

Iyobosa Igbineweka, Vice President Academic & External