Statement Regarding UPEI Student Union Advocacy Efforts Following Strike Consultation Survey Results

Statement Regarding UPEI Student Union Advocacy Efforts Following Strike Consultation Survey Results

Dear students,

On behalf of the UPEI Student Union, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to the over 2,000 students who participated in our recent Strike Consultation Survey. By engaging in consultations like this, we can work together to strengthen the UPEI Student Union’s advocacy efforts and better serve the needs of our fellow students.

With the data we have collected from this survey, we now have a clear vision as to what we will be advocating for to the University Board of Governors and the University Senate. 

In light of the ongoing disputes and the resulting loss of over two weeks of classes, the UPEI Student Union will be requesting a partial refund of tuition from the Board of Governors. As paying students who are not receiving the full benefit of their education, we believe that a refund is justified and necessary. We hope that the Board will agree and take action to address this issue as soon as possible.

The UPEI Student Union’s second priority is to urge the University Senate not to extend the Winter semester. It has been made clear that extending the semester will cause massive upheaval to many students, on top of the disruption that’s already been caused by this strike. We do not need any further interruption to student lives, and we hope the Senate will agree.

To advance our advocacy efforts, the UPEI Student Union has already informed the University Administration of our intention to address the issue of tuition refunds and the Winter semester extension. We are committed to pursuing these goals on behalf of our fellow students and look forward to a constructive dialogue with the Administration on these important matters.

Finally, we would like to invite students to share their personal experiences and perspectives with us by providing testimonials.  These will be kept anonymous. These testimonials should include:

  • your year of standing;
  • your program of study;
  • how the ongoing labour disruption has negatively impacted you, whether emotionally, mentally, or financially.

Your input will be invaluable in helping us to make a compelling case to the University and advocating effectively on your behalf.

These testimonials can be sent via email to the UPEISU President, Adam MacKenzie at, or our Policy and Research Coordinator, Noah Mannholland at

Thank you,

Your UPEI Student Union