UPEISU Calls for Accountability in SOTS

UPEISU Calls for Accountability in SOTS

UPEI Student Union Calls for Increased Professorial Accountability through Student Opinion on Teaching Surveys

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– For Immediate Release –

19 May 2016 – Charlottetown, PE

The University of Prince Edward Island Student Union is calling on the UPEI Board of Governors and the UPEI Faculty Association to consider changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement regarding the Student Opinion on Teaching Surveys (SOTS). In the current Collective Bargaining Agreement, only the numerical evaluations of a professor are available for review. The written qualitative evaluations go only to the faculty member and it is up to the discretion of each individual faculty member to share that information. The Student Union would like to see the written evaluations shared with the Chairs, Deans, and the University Review Committee during the consideration of tenure and promotion.

“We have a system established in the Collective Bargaining Agreement where student evaluations of teaching are not being adequately considered,” said Vice President Academic & External Johnathan Rix. “The Student Union believes that the Student Opinion on Teaching Surveys serve an important purpose and must provide a mechanism through which students’ written comments about their professors can be reviewed when concerns arise.”

A policy statement on the issue was adopted by the Student Union on September 8th, 2013 and the Union has had to wait until negotiations to act. “Since 2013, the Student Union has been vocal with the administration and the faculty about its position on the Student Opinion on Teaching Surveys,” added Rix.

Since negotiations began, the Student Union has met with the Faculty Association twice, and the Board of Governors Executive Committee once. At all three meetings, the Student Union cited the need for changes to the of the Teaching Surveys. The Faculty Association and the University have been informed about this release.

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