UPEISU: New year, New Services!

UPEISU: New year, New Services!

The UPEI Student Union is proud to announce its new reusable program focused on sustainability. Implemented today, on the 6th of January of 2020, “Choose to Reuse” is a three-part program. This will now be part of the UPEISU-owned campus pub, The Fox & Crow’s, daily routine.

“I believe this program greatly reflects on the work the UPEISU has been putting in our sustainable strategies,” says UPEISU President Emma Drake. “It will provide a holistic approach to the single use containers and cups that The Fox & Crow provides to students.”

In the newly developed program, students will be able to “Choose to Reuse” food containers, as well as purchase Fox & Crow styled tumblers at accessible student pricing. The UPEISU will also be implementing an “Eco Tax” of $0.15 to all single-use items, in efforts to create a more sustainable campus. 

“In the long run, we hope that the UPEISU is evolving with the times and moving towards a more sustainable model of operation,” says Vice President Finance & Administration, Keesha Ryan. “Choose to Reuse is a first step that is part of a broader, more comprehensive sustainability strategic plan.”

The UPEI Student Union is looking forward to the changes that the new initiative may bring to the rest of the campus, and to the community as a whole.