UPEISU Pleased With Post-Secondary Investments During COVID19

UPEISU Pleased With Post-Secondary Investments During COVID19

The UPEI Student Union is pleased with the Government of Prince Edward Island’s announcement today about funds dedicated to helping post-secondary students impacted by COVID19.

A $95,000 relief fund will be distributed to post-secondary institutions across PEI who will then ensure the funds reach students in need. This includes those facing difficulty in finding employment, not eligible for provincial or federal programs, or those facing additional financial strain due to COVID19.

“We are pleased to see this initial investment into supporting students,” stated Sweta Daboo, Vice President Academic and External with the UPEI Student Union. “This will help some of the students who have been falling through the cracks thus far. We hope further aid is made available in the future as the real impact of COVID19 is seen.”

A further $75,000 research fund was also announced, which would go towards the remuneration of students looking to pursue research under a supervisor. This is the first fund of its kind in Prince Edward Island.

“The Post-Secondary Research Fund was a priority of the UPEISU for the past year,” says Daboo. “Research is increasingly important when considering the quality of education, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. This is a meaningful investment in order to ensure students are equipped with all the skills required to join the labour force or pursue further education.”

The UPEISU had previously established a $16,000 COVID19 Relief Fund for students, and the University of Prince Edward Island had also invested in Student Adversity Awards in order to help those in need. So far, over a hundred students have been the recipients of these awards.

“We are constantly trying to find ways to help students to the best of our ability,” says Emma Drake, President of the UPEISU. “There have been many students with unmet needs and it will take a collaborative effort between institutions and the government to ensure no one is left vulnerable as a result of these unforeseen circumstances.”