UPEISU Statement Regarding Provincial Operating Budget & Post-Secondary Education

UPEISU Statement Regarding Provincial Operating Budget & Post-Secondary Education

March 4, 2022 – Charlottetown, PE

At the February 24, 2022 sitting of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island, the provincial operating budget was tabled.  This operating budget outlines how the Provincial Government will be allocating Islanders’ tax dollars for the upcoming year.

Although funding was allocated to increasing funding to the Island Advantage Bursary, the UPEI Student Union is disappointed with the lack of funding dedicated to mental health services and housing for students.

“While we applaud the Provincial Government’s efforts to improve funding to students through the $400 increase to the George Coles Bursary, there are still a large number of UPEI students who don’t qualify for this non-repayable grant and therefore fall through the cracks,” stated VPAX Maggie LeClair.  “The UPEI Student Union continues to advocate for needs-based funding for all students, not just Island students”. 

The Island Advantage – George Coles Bursary is only given to Island students entering their first year at UPEI, Maritime Christian College, Holland College, or Collège de l’Île.  Depending on their program of study, eligible students will receive between $2,200 to $8,800 in non-repayable funding over the duration of their program.

President Adam MacKenzie went on to state, “PEI lacks affordable housing and this poses a large financial barrier to post-secondary students studying at UPEI.  Furthermore, students’ mental health is at an all-time-low, but there is a large gap in support made available to this population.  We are disappointed that neither of these areas were offered funding in the provincial operating budget”.

The UPEISU looks forward to continuing to advocate on behalf of students to all levels of government to ensure that their voices are heard and needs are met.


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Ashley Lewis

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