UPEISU Votes in Favour of 2018-19 Operating Budget

UPEISU Votes in Favour of 2018-19 Operating Budget

UPEISU Votes in Favour of 2018-19 UPEI Operating Budget

The University of Prince Edward Island Student Union has voted in favour of the UPEI 2018-19 Operating Budget at the Board of Governors meeting of May 17, 2018.

This budget has seen a hike in tuition and other student fees of 2% for the 2018-19 academic year, as compared to a Consumer Price Index increase of 2.2%.

“The Student Union has, for the past several years, advocated for the tuition increases to be indexed according to the CPI, which is clearly reflected in this budget,” says William McGuigan, UPEISU President. “We appreciate the University’s attention to student concerns and recommendations. Moving forward, we hope this practice is further echoed in future budgets”

This increase in tuition fees is uniform for all students, regardless of whether they are enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or DVM programs.

“Our rationale for voting in favour of the budget was also motivated by the fact that the additional resources obtained by UPEI from tuition and other student fees were being invested in teaching, as well as staff and student jobs,” further adds McGuigan.

“As a student, I would of course not like to see tuition go up, but realistically, we should recognise that a genuine attempt was made this year to keep education at UPEI as affordable as possible,” McGuigan concludes.