Statement Regarding Ombudsperson Investigation and Resignation of Vice President Academic and External Muralidharan

Statement Regarding Ombudsperson Investigation and Resignation of Vice President Academic and External Muralidharan


31-January 2022 – Charlottetown, PE


At the January 16th, 2022 UPEISU Council meeting, a motion was moved requesting the ombudsperson launch an investigation into workplace dynamics at the UPEISU.

As per the UPEISU’s Council Bylaw, Section 11, Subsection 5 (b), “At the conclusion of an investigation, the Ombudsperson shall present a report to Council. The report shall be public and shall propose solutions to any problems that the Ombudsperson has identified. The report shall not identify individuals by name or by implication, nor shall it include confidential information.” 

This report was presented to the UPEISU Council at the January 30th, 2022 Council meeting. Following the delivery of this report, and based on the recommendations included within it, several motions were moved by council which included a recommendation that all future UPEISU Executives and councillors receive additional governance, professionalism, and communications training. 

To view the report, click here.

A motion of impeachment was also put forward during the meeting, to impeach the UPEISU VPAX Anagha Muralidharan, based on the evidence presented in the ombudspersons report. Anagha Muralidharan submitted her notice of resignation, effective immediately during the January 30th, 2022 council meeting. This letter of resignation was received and accepted by the Chair of Council. 

To view Ms. Muralidharan’s letter of resignation, click here.

As the councillor who was to be served notice of a motion of impeachment has resigned, the impeachment process has been halted, and will not proceed. 

At the January 30th, 2022  Council meeting councillors elected to fill the position of VPAX with a councillor on an interim basis as per Bylaw 3 Section 14, Subsection C which permits council to appoint a councillor as interim until the position can be filled by election. UPEISU’s spring election begins January 31st, 2022. 

The roles and responsibilities of the VPAX of the UPEISU will be filled by UPEISU Councillor Maggie Leclair in the interim, until a new VPAX begins their term.

The UPEI Student Union would like to commend Ombudsperson Ayomikun Oguntola for her dedication to this investigation, and is committed to adopting a number of the recommendations outlined in Ms. Oguntola’s report to ensure a safer workplace for all staff and executives moving forward.