UPEI Student Union Pleased with 2018-2019 Provincial Budget

UPEI Student Union Pleased with 2018-2019 Provincial Budget

The UPEI Student Union is pleased to see a number of key areas addressed in the 2018-2019 provincial budget which was tabled this morning in the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island.

“This year’s provincial budget shows significant investments in post-secondary education in Prince Edward Island,” says UPEI Student Union Vice-President Academic & External Taya Nabuurs. “The UPEI Student Union has been advocating for these investments for a number of years.”

Some of the UPEI Student Union’s policy priorities which have been addressed in this year’s budget include:

  • Needs-based grants for students from lower-income families;

  • $25 per student to support mental health resources for post-secondary institutions;

  • A commitment to a multi-year funding agreement with UPEI;

The provincial budget also included a new Island Advantage Bursary which will offer an additional $3,600 to Island students attending UPEI as well as supports for students struggling with debt post-graduation. The Debt Reduction Grant will provide $3,500 per year of study for those who reside in PEI within three years of graduation.

“Student debt can be a significant burden post-graduation and a cause of great stress” says Nabuurs. “Providing more forgiveness for student loan debt will be a great relief to many and will help provide graduates with a better starting point for the next phase of their lives.”