UPDATED: UPEI Student Union President Riley Mackay Impeached

UPDATED: UPEI Student Union President Riley Mackay Impeached

24 JANUARY, 2022: PLEASE NOTE: Some facts in this statement have been updated and are no longer accurate. Please see our updated statement here.


17 January 2022 – Charlottetown, PE

At the council meeting on January 16, 2022, the UPEI Student Union Council put forward a motion of impeachment for President Riley Mackay.  The motion, proposed by a councillor based on evidence of unprofessionalism presented to Council earlier that evening, passed by voting members, and the Councillor-in-question was declared impeached.

An extraordinary council meeting will be held on January 23 to put forward a plan for the remainder of the 2022 term.  An interim President will be appointed on January 18 to act in the absence of Mr. Mackay until an official proposal is approved by Council.

18 JANUARY 2022 – Current Vice President Admin and Finance, Leena Daboo, and current Vice President Student Life, Nathan Lacroix have taken on the role of interim Co-Presidents until a decision can be approved by Council at the extraordinary meeting to be held on January 23.  Further information regarding the details of Mr. Mackay’s impeachment will be provided following the extraordinary council meeting.

Media contact: Ashley Lewis, Manager of Marketing and Communications