Statement Regarding Impeachment of President Mackay, Resignation of President Mackay

Statement Regarding Impeachment of President Mackay, Resignation of President Mackay


24-January 2022 – Charlottetown, PE

On Monday January 17th, 2022  a statement was released stating that the UPEISU President Riley MacKay had been impeached (you can view the original statement here). It was later determined that there had been an error in due process, which stemmed from an interpretation error made in consideration of the UPEISU’s bylaws. 

The notice that should have been circulated on January 17th, 2022 was a notice of motion of impeachment not a notice of impeachment. As per the UPEISU’s bylaws the notice of motion of impeachment needs to be circulated to the campus media and considered by councillors for seven days prior to the referendum being held by council. 

As this process was not followed, the vote of impeachment that was held at the January 16th, 2022 council meeting shall be considered invalid. 

On January 22, 2022 Riley MacKay submitted a letter of resignation, effective immediately resigning from the position of President of the UPEISU. This letter was received and accepted by the Chair of Council. 

As the councillor up for impeachment has resigned, the impeachment process has been halted, and will not proceed. 

At the January 23rd, 2022 Extraordinary Council meeting councillors elected to fill the position of President with a councillor on an interim basis as per Bylaw 3 Section 14, Subsection C which permits council to appoint a councillor as interim until the position can be filled by election. UPEISU’s spring election begins January 31st, 2022. 

The roles and responsibilities of the President of the UPEISU will be filled by UPEISU Councillor Adam Mackenzie in the interim, until a new president begins their term. 

You can view Mr. Mackay’s letter of resignation below.